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What do the colors of Valentine's Day flowers mean?

Flowers often come to mind when we think of Valentine's Day. They're a symbolic gesture of love and affection. But different flower colors have their own special meanings for the holiday.

  • Valentine's Day rose color meaning

Red roses are the classic Valentine's flower. Their bright red color represents passionate romance. Still, other choices can express sweet sentiments too. This guide explains common romantic flowers and what they mean so you can make an informed selection from your Grand Rapids florist.

Red Roses

As the most iconic Valentine's flower, this Valentine's Day rose color meaning requires little explanation. Their deep crimson color embodies intense love, desire, and passion. Red roses continue being the #1 flower chosen for Valentine's Day because of their universally recognized associations with romance.

Pink Roses

Pink roses can express admiration, joy, and gratitude. Their soft pink color conveys happiness, sweetness, and innocent affection. Pink roses may be preferable to red roses in a new relationship when red roses could seem too bold. These types of flowers for Valentine's Day can also be a nice gift to show appreciation and fondness for friends or family members.

Orange Roses

As a warmer variant of red, orange color on Valentine's Day can symbolize passion, desire, and energy in love. Their sunny hue brings a sense of warmth, enthusiasm, and excitement. Orange roses say "I'm excited and energized by you!" making them a fun twist on the typical red bouquet for Valentine's Day.

They could be a flirty choice for expressing interest in someone as more than a friend. However, their meaning is not as universally understood as other colors yet. Sticking to deeper established symbolism like red, pink, or white may be safer if unsure of what message will be received.

White Roses

White represents purity, innocence, and youthfulness in the language of flowers. A bouquet of white roses expresses reverence, humility, secrecy, and silence. They represent a new beginning in love or convey your darling's purity and virtue. On Valentine's Day, white roses are appreciated by those who prefer expressions of love more subtly or gently.


Peonies symbolize bashfulness, compassion, and marriage. With their lush ruffled blooms, peonies epitomize natural feminine beauty and allure. Their classic charm makes them an excellent Valentine's flower choice for expressing affection toward someone extra special.


Vibrant tulips contain their own hints of meaning too. Red tulips signify a declaration of love while yellow symbolizes happy thoughts and sunshine. On Valentine's Day, bright tulips are perfect for lifting spirits and conveying optimism and joy.


Daisies represent innocence, purity, and new beginnings. A classic daisy bouquet expresses loyalty, cheerfulness, and hope. For long-lasting relationships, daisies symbolize enduring love and faithfulness between partners. Their perky blooms bring a youthful vibe that you can select from your local florist in Ada MI - perfect for Valentine's Day.


Lilies signify majesty and beauty. White lilies symbolize purity while orange carries a message of passion and energy. Pink lilies express caring admiration and affection. These elegant flowers add an aura of refinement and natural charm to any Valentine's bouquet.


Carnations mean fascination and distinction. Red carnations symbolize admiration, while pink represents gratitude or remorse. Striped carnations suggest refusal. These plucky blooms have lasted the test of time as a symbol of love and good fortune. On Valentine's Day, their cheery colors and abundance add playfulness.

Now that you understand the common flower color meaning for valentines, you can thoughtfully select blooms that communicate your feelings of love, appreciation, or affection most clearly. For an artistic yet affordable Valentine's bouquet, consider ordering from Daylily Floral Cascade. As a trusted partner for flower delivery in Grand Rapids MI, we expertly craft romantic arrangements in all the symbolic colors of Valentine's Day. You can't go wrong sending your sweetheart gorgeous fresh flowers!

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